Clubs & Programs

The school has 16 Clubs which contact their affairs on Friday afternoons. Some of these include; Environmental, Zumba(fitness), Young Entrepreneurs, IT, Cookery, Wildlife, Debate, Chess, Mechanics, Literary, Scouting, Singing and Creative Life skills.


Programs are similar to Clubs but they are on-going or seasonal. Programs meet any day/ time other than Friday afternoon. These include; Premier Outreach, Press, TED Educational, Peer Counselling, MUN, First Aid and the Presidential Award scheme.

Each student must belong to at least one Club and a Program of his/her choice.
They are run by a Patron with a team of passionate teachers with a students’ leadership structure. Reports on Clubs/Programs activities may be followed from noticeboards, assemblies, school facebook page, magazines and newsletters.

They are required to engage, align and affiliate with other bodies that carry a similar mandate outside the school. A club or a program is expected to have at least one out of campus engagement every term.

Harshil Umesh Ved
Highest Mark in the World for Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level in Accounting (2020)
Divyani Priyavadan Bhudia
Highest Mark in Africa for Pearson Edexcel International GCSE in Economics (2020)
Jigar Dipesh Mehta
Highest Mark in Africa for Pearson Edexcel International GCSE in Accounting - taken privately (2020)
Comba Frank Njogu
A Level Top Student 2018-19 Examinations (3A*1A,1A)
Kailash Seshadri
AS Level Top Student 2018-19 Examinations (5A)
Rakeeza Mughal
O Level Top Student 2018-19 Examinations(9A*)
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