Learning Support

The Learning Support Programme provides support to students who have been identified with learning difficulties or those who are low achievers.learning2

The students enrolled in the Learning Support Programme are provided with an I.E.P. (Individual Educational Plan) that defines the learning programme and teaching strategies that best suit the student’s needs.

Students in learning support may be supported


  • A modified programme,
  • Modified outcomes in a specific subject,
  • Curriculum support sessions,
  • learning skill development sessions,
  • In class accommodations,
  •  Examination accommodations.

Modified Programme

Students that are not able to cope with the grade/age appropriate curriculum are provided with an I.E.P. with curriculum modifications specified.

The options for modifications include, but are not limited to:

  • A differentiated academic programme, delivered in

the Learning Support Classroom, with accommodated

outcomes different from the mainstream curriculum.

These outcomes are selected according to the

student’s level and aim to cover the basic skills and

knowledge the student has not yet developed.

  •  a specific subject deletion,

Modified outcomes

When a student has difficulty with meeting the expectations in a specific subject or skill, the grade level, and subject outcomes are modified to his/her  Present level of performance while he/she receives parallel individual instruction for skills development.

During withdrawal support, the learning support teacher works with an individual learner or small group to support the learners to overcome possible backlogs and/ or assist them to cope better with the content taught in the class.

Curriculum Support

This support consists of one on one or small group sessions aimed to teach or reinforce the knowledge and academic skills required for the student to reach their full potential in a mainstream subject. The subject teacher and the learning support teacher concur on the content that should be reinforced, decide the pace of the instruction and share the planning on regular basis.learning1

Learning Skills Development Sessions

Students attend the Learning Support class to work either individually or in small group sessions on developing:

  •  Cognitive skills
  •  Sensory integration skills
  •  Fine or gross motor skills
  •  Organizational skills
  •  Study skills
  •  Work habits

In class accommodations

Students are provided with in-class accommodations determined by their individual needs to support differentiated instruction within the mainstream. This may include modified teaching strategies, additional teaching aids and facilities.

Examination accommodations

Students may be provided with different examination accommodations for both internal examinations and external examinations.

Internal examination modifications may include:

  •  Extended time
  •  Examination reader
  •  Examination prompter
  •  Sitting for examinations in a separate room.
Harshil Umesh Ved
Highest Mark in the World for Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level in Accounting (2020)
Divyani Priyavadan Bhudia
Highest Mark in Africa for Pearson Edexcel International GCSE in Economics (2020)
Jigar Dipesh Mehta
Highest Mark in Africa for Pearson Edexcel International GCSE in Accounting - taken privately (2020)
Comba Frank Njogu
A Level Top Student 2018-19 Examinations (3A*1A,1A)
Kailash Seshadri
AS Level Top Student 2018-19 Examinations (5A)
Rakeeza Mughal
O Level Top Student 2018-19 Examinations(9A*)
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