Pastoral Care in Premier Academy

At Premier Academy we provide a caring and nurturing environment to allow all our students to flourish and we consider the pastoral care of our boys and girls to be of the utmost importance in this process. The well-being of our students is our biggest concern and all staff members share in the responsibility of caring for them.

We seek to amplify levels of confidence and self-esteem wherever possible amongst our students, as well as offering consistent reminders of the values required to be a moral human. Our kindergarten and prep school assemblies help promote this through creative arts performances by both staff and students. The secondary section always has selected students giving motivational speeches.

We work closely with education psychologists, motivation speakers, government agencies, medical experts, volunteers and child development support centres to develop talks, child screening camps and other child focused intervention programmes.

Great emphasis is placed on the development of self-esteem, with students being encouraged to behave co-operatively and to take responsibility for their own behaviour.  We aim to promote critical thinking, good communication skills through active listening and discussion, informed decision making, mutual support, assertiveness, improved organisation and time management skills. This is done on a day today basis by classroom teachers. Discipline is taken serious at Premier Academy.

Pastrol Trips

very year, we organize year group pastoral trips to create a chance for students to bond, work as a team, get tips on life lessons, what is expected of them in the school year as well as enhance their values and value system. We engage professional pastoral caregivers to conduct the workshop.

Pshe Curriculum

We recognize the importance of promoting the moral, cultural, mental and physical development of our students within the school core value system, and of preparing them for the opportunities and responsibilities of adult life.  Our programmes allow the students to explore attitudes and values, to develop and justify personal opinions and to experiment with strategies for resolving a conflict.

Significant educational research has confirmed that children need a challenging curriculum delivered in an environment that provides social and emotional support as they grow up. That’s why in our school we provide a comprehensive Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) curriculum that is combined with guidance & counseling plus careers at different levels in all our key stages. Our Home room tutors are our greatest assets in dispensing this program with supervision from Key Stage coordinators. Every class is allotted a PSHE lesson within the regular school program. This year we have included assessment criteria for our PSHE program.

School Prefects

After thorough selection processes for prefects in prep and secondary schools, we take them through an overnight leadership workshop. Our prefects are trained on leadership and discover comprehensively what their roles are, how to handle their peers and relate with the teachers. They also learn how to balance their leadership responsibilities with academic work. In addition, we also take peer leaders through a selection process to work in conjunction with the prefects.

Harshil Umesh Ved
Highest Mark in the World for Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level in Accounting (2020)
Divyani Priyavadan Bhudia
Highest Mark in Africa for Pearson Edexcel International GCSE in Economics (2020)
Jigar Dipesh Mehta
Highest Mark in Africa for Pearson Edexcel International GCSE in Accounting - taken privately (2020)
Comba Frank Njogu
A Level Top Student 2018-19 Examinations (3A*1A,1A)
Kailash Seshadri
AS Level Top Student 2018-19 Examinations (5A)
Rakeeza Mughal
O Level Top Student 2018-19 Examinations(9A*)
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