Quality Policy

Premier Academy is committed to providing high quality and dynamic education in a caring and safe environment.

Every member of the academy has a continual commitment to:

  • Assess all the educational partners’ requirements and expectations, with the aim of achieving maximum satisfaction.
  • Delivering world-class program of teaching and learning through providing an enabling environment.
  • Communicating the establishment of guidelines on stakeholders’ relationship, regulatory compliance and other applicable obligations.
  • Availing the quality policy within the institution and to the interested stakeholders.
  • Developing, entrenching and benchmarking best practices in the education sector to respond to the stakeholders’ needs.
  • Establishing quality objectives and ensuring regular review of QMS performance as a means of monitoring, evaluating and reporting the effectiveness and efficiency of the system.
  • Assessing, controlling and mitigating risks in line with the institutional norms to improve the implementation and maintenance of QMS.

From the desk of the QMR

Premier Academy has successfully transited to the new ISO Standard 9001:2015. The standard has brought on board new areas of management that were not in focus in the previous standard.

The school has developed a Strategic Plan that defines operations across the institution. Additional processes are in place to help enhance the vision and mission of the Academy. The new Standard draws its strength from the ability of all processes to navigate through risks and opportunities and being able to anticipate change.

The Academy has an effective SWOT and PESTEL analysis that have an inclusive approach to addressing challenges facing the institution from time to time.

Regular reports about the performance of the system help in monitoring all activities within the Academy. All timelines set by Process owners help in assessing achievability of all tasks. Regular reviews of set objectives endeavour to make the system full proof.

Documentation plays a key role in the system enabling the traceability of documents including controlling offices. All documents in the Academy bear an identity that is unique to its functions. The interaction of processes is well documented and leads to clarity in different roles and responsibilities.

In a nutshell the Academy provides the best practices to its clients and measures up to the best performing in the world.


Quality Management RepresentativeMugalo Malala

Jack Malala

Premier Academy is now ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Harshil Umesh Ved
Highest Mark in the World for Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level in Accounting (2020)
Divyani Priyavadan Bhudia
Highest Mark in Africa for Pearson Edexcel International GCSE in Economics (2020)
Jigar Dipesh Mehta
Highest Mark in Africa for Pearson Edexcel International GCSE in Accounting - taken privately (2020)
Comba Frank Njogu
A Level Top Student 2018-19 Examinations (3A*1A,1A)
Kailash Seshadri
AS Level Top Student 2018-19 Examinations (5A)
Rakeeza Mughal
O Level Top Student 2018-19 Examinations(9A*)
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