Welcome to Secondary School

Upon joining Secondary school, students are guided carefully in consultation with parents, on which subjects to choose in order to reap maximum benefit from education. During the Ninth Year, choices are made for IGCSE subjects. With many children finding the amount of work involved in these subjects greater than in the past, it is important to make a wide selection of subjects.

The new Science Laboratories are spacious and are equipped with the best science equipment. Similarly, the computing center ensures that each student realizes the importance of Information Technology and gives them an opportunity to utilize it to their own advantage. Courses range from introductory work in the First Year to project work in year Thirteen, and from word processing to Information Handling. Premier Academy today has one of the most modern and better-equipped computer laboratories in the country.

By the time our boys and girls reach the sixth form we hope to have effectively balanced the benefits of a broad education with the demands of increasing specialization. For some students, the Sixth Form becomes a time for total concentration. Helping children to think and organize their studies for themselves is an important priority for successful studies in the Sixth form and beyond. The Secondary Library plays a vital role in this. The Library has generously proportioned study carrels and an informal area where pupils can read the latest journals magazines and newspapers. It is staffed by professionally qualified librarians who give guidance on the way to use books and the library itself and work closely with teachers in striving to ensure that the library fulfills its role as the intellectual heart of the school.

The success of the school’s approach is reflected by the very high percentage of passes obtained in IGCSE and GCE examination each year and the high proportion of top grades. Three-quarter of our Sixth Form students go on to take academic degrees, with a great majority of the remainder obtaining professional qualification by direct entry into their chosen careers.

We promote a holistic approach to education through academic, extracurricular and pastoral programmes which take into consideration the diverse cultural backgrounds of the students. The secondary school admits 12 year olds in year 7 and 17 year olds in ‘A’ level.


It’s my pleasure to say that at Premier Academy we ride the crest! According to Napoleon Hill, “Every adversity, every failure and every heartache carries with it the seed of an equivalent or a greater benefit.” Indeed, with the abrupt closure of schools, we were between a rock and a hard place; either to close shop and wait or to act proactively and ensure learning continues seamlessly. We adopted the latter.  The board of Trustees and Management’s conscientious leadership coupled with passionate staff have been instrumental in successful implementation of virtual learning.

Covid-19 pandemic has therefore been a double edged sword: other than missing out on the convenience of physical learning, we have been able to tap into the bank of resources that continue to augment the hard copy resources.  In the words of John Wooden “Things turn out the best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.” Premier has been alive to this fact and with regards to virtual learning; the sky is no longer the limit!

In the words of Henry Ford, “When everything seems to be against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”  Our star has risen with the turbulent winds. We have not only engaged with our students in the examinable subjects but also skill based disciplines; ranging from cookery, drawing, music and drama to name a few. These have immensely helped alleviate the negative pressures on students that could accompany the present moments. We hope that learning experience is enjoyable and rewarding to both the teacher and the learners.


Updates from the External Exams office

October / November 2020 examination Results

Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE)

Results for Cambridge IGCSE shall be released on 19th January 2021 and International AS and A Level shall be released on 11th January 2021.

Pearson Edexcel

International As and A level results shall be released on 13th January 2021. IGCSE results shall be released on 11th February 2021.

Accessing the Results

The candidates are advised to access their results on the respective days using the results login details which shall be emailed to them soon. Candidates who have been registered with CAIE will be required to use the October 2020 login details. Candidates who have been registered with Pearson Edexcel shall use their existing Results Plus login details and the first time candidates shall be emailed the login details soon.


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Shana Patel – Biochemistry
University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Ryan Mwangi – Civil Engineering
University of Minnesota, USA
Martin Korir – Computer Science
University of Utah, USA
Harsh Patel – Biomedical Engineering
Case Western Reserve University, USA
Yishika Wadhwa – Business and Finance
Univerity of Edinburgh, UK
Tharushi Ranasinghe – International Business
Loughborough University, UK
Sukhraj Sokhi – Mathematics and Economics
Loughborough University, UK
Sonali Wanzah – Physiotherapy
University of Hertfordshire, UK
Sneha Kotecha – Economics and Finance
University of Exeter, UK
Shikha Sangrajhka – Mechanical Engineering with Management
University of Manchester, UK
Rumaisa Khan – Liberal Arts
Warwick University, UK
Rohan Chakrabarti – Economics and Finance
University of Bristol, UK
Mahek Chopra – PPE
University of Warwick, UK
Dev Savani – Actuarial Science
London School of Economics, UK
Cindy Mutunga – Psychology
University of Essex, UK
Audrey Ochieng – Interior Design
University of the West of England Bristol, UK
Anika Gujral – Biomedical Engineering
City University, London, UK
Aneesa Gulamhusein – Law (LLB)
Durham University, UK
Tapiwa Nyampupachitu – Economics
University of Cape Town, South Africa
Zuviya Arshad – Dentistry
College of Dentistry, Pakistan