The bright, airy classrooms are in clusters of three rooms for each year group from Years 1 to 6. The remaining two clusters house the music room, the art studio and the lunch hall. In the centre of each cluster is a common area where children from each stream of a year group can meet for a combined activity.

ICT Suite

The ICT suite is well-equipped with desk-top computers and internet access.  Every student has access to a computer during ICT lessons and computers are very often used for cross-curricular activities


This room is arguably the most inviting room with comfortable poufs, rugs and sofas where students can lounge as they read books by their favourite authors, or do research.

Science Laboratory 

Key Stage 2 students look forward to their practical science lessons which are held in the laboratory which is also equipped with a projector, which exposes them, via the internet, to a range of learning activities in Science.

Learning Support Room 

All children develop at different levels, and some need one-on-one attention to bring them up to par.  Our qualified team of Learning Support teachers go the extra mile in giving them this support, and individual attention is given to such children in the Learning Support room.

Conference Rooms 

Individual parent-teacher consultations and other meetings are held in our two conference rooms.

Lunch Hall 

This is where those who opt for hot lunch are seated for their meals.  A choice of Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian food is provided.

Other rooms

This includes the Art Studio, the Music Room and a gym-cum-audio/visual room.

Book Store
There is a book store from which both students and staff are issued stationery and text books.

The Central Quadrangle

This area is used for our weekly assemblies.  It is also used for performances and competitions like spelling bees and quizzes.

Sports Facilities
• 3 Sports Fields
• Basketball Court
• Badminton & Tennis Courts
• Swimming Pool

The Academy also has:
• 3 Buses and a Van
• A Canteen which serves hot lunch and snacks
• Spacious Parking

The wide range of facilities ensures that all the targets of the curriculum are attained with ease.

Shana Patel – Biochemistry
University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Ryan Mwangi – Civil Engineering
University of Minnesota, USA
Martin Korir – Computer Science
University of Utah, USA
Harsh Patel – Biomedical Engineering
Case Western Reserve University, USA
Yishika Wadhwa – Business and Finance
Univerity of Edinburgh, UK
Tharushi Ranasinghe – International Business
Loughborough University, UK
Sukhraj Sokhi – Mathematics and Economics
Loughborough University, UK
Sonali Wanzah – Physiotherapy
University of Hertfordshire, UK
Sneha Kotecha – Economics and Finance
University of Exeter, UK
Shikha Sangrajhka – Mechanical Engineering with Management
University of Manchester, UK
Rumaisa Khan – Liberal Arts
Warwick University, UK
Rohan Chakrabarti – Economics and Finance
University of Bristol, UK
Mahek Chopra – PPE
University of Warwick, UK
Dev Savani – Actuarial Science
London School of Economics, UK
Cindy Mutunga – Psychology
University of Essex, UK
Audrey Ochieng – Interior Design
University of the West of England Bristol, UK
Anika Gujral – Biomedical Engineering
City University, London, UK
Aneesa Gulamhusein – Law (LLB)
Durham University, UK
Tapiwa Nyampupachitu – Economics
University of Cape Town, South Africa
Zuviya Arshad – Dentistry
College of Dentistry, Pakistan