Premier academy is a co-educational day school for students aged 2 1/2 – 19 years  offering an adapted British national curriculum.


As a school our goal is to empower students to become individuals that make a difference in the World. To this end we endeavour to develop the intellectual, physical, social and moral growth of the students who pass through our institution. We take pride in our ultra-modern learning facilities and an experienced teaching staff.


We are conveniently located along the Thika Highway, about 5km from Nairobi City Centre. The website contains a wealth of information about the Academy including our policies, our calendar, news items and updates on fixtures, etc.



“Empowering Students to become individuals that make a difference in the World”



To provide each student a diverse education in a dynamic environment that instills discipline, inspires motivation and drives excellence in learning.

Our students will become independent and self-sufficient individuals who will succeed and contribute responsibly in a global community.


Core Values

  • Imagination And Innovation

  • ExcellenceOur-core

  • Passion

  • Sense of Community

  • Integrity

  • Trust






headmasterimageSometime in September 1989, a brilliant idea was conceived by a few men with deep insight. After serious soul searching, these men set up a body aptly named, “Premier Academy Charitable Trust” which later started a school. Premier Academy is a co–educational day school which is open to all races and nationalities from the Kindergarten, Primary and right through to GCE ‘A’ level.

From a humble beginning with only 35 students and 15 teachers in September 1989, today the academy boasts of over 1000 students with more than 100 teachers. This phenomenal growth is a living testimony to our commitment to providing not just excellent education but also well–rounded individuals with the ability to work and fit anywhere in the world.

The school is set in a serene and secure environment which is exceptionally good for nurturing youngsters. Right from the early years, the school provides pupils with excellent facilities both for physical as well as mental growth. Premier Academy remains one of its kind in the sense that a child who begins at the Kindergarten may not need to change school until they sit their final examinations in Year 13 and move into university. The number of children who crave to join the academy every year is a clear indication of our prowess as one of the best institutions in this region. Our academic performance rates the school with the best in the world. Our students compete with the best in the world and win, both in academics and extra–curricular activities.

Apart from sports and academics, Premier Academy students have carved a niche for themselves in Presidents Award Scheme and Model United Nations. Currently, we hold the chair of the Secretary General of East African Model United Nations, an honor which many schools dream of achieving but may never attain in reality.


As a school, we are also aware of the suffering of millions of Kenyans, who have no access to better healthcare; who cannot afford decent education and lack such basics as food. Towards this end, the school is deeply engaged in fundraising activities right from the Board of Governors to the students. The students raise annually millions of shillings which is channelled to alleviate the suffering of the destitute in various parts of the country.


Our commitment to producing the best in the world is underscored in our mission and vision: “Empowering students to become indivituals that make a difference in the world.” Ours is a holistic approach that encourages everyone to achieve their peak with the teacher acting mainly as a stimulant.


The word Charity easily resonates with the Premier Academy community. Charity constitutes the social conscience of the school. Our school vision clearly gives the key reason for our existence; to produce ‘model citizens of the world’. A model global citizen must be compassionate, sensitive and empathetic to the needs of others. Our charity is geared towards improving access to and quality of education for the less fortunate. We aim to lift the hopes, spirits and dreams of underprivileged children. An educated child benefits not just him/herself and their family but the wider community. It has been said that educating a ‘girl-child’ is educating a society.


In the furtherance of this cause, the school sets aside Term 1 of every academic year for charity fundraising activities which has seen tremendous growth over the years. The school also dedicates a full time club, the Premier Outreach Club (POC) to organize charity activities. This is one of the most popular and visible clubs among our other vibrant clubs and societies.


We have supported numerous students through secondary school education. Some of them are now studying in National Universities. We have fenced schools, donated books, water piping and tanks, equipped hostels, set up computer labs, built and repaired classrooms and fed hungry pupils just to mention a few. Currently our main project is construction of classrooms and providing piped water to Nonisikitok Primary school in Kajiado County.


We call upon individuals and institutions of goodwill to support and help us accelerate the spreading of this worthwhile endeavor which is also the core of the UN Millennium Development Goals.



The initial 3 acres of land on which Premier Academy originally sat  were allocated to the then Premier Club Management in 1981. This marked the first step in a long successful journey. In 1982 a walk was organized to raise funds to start construction. Unfortunately, not enough funds were raised. This did not however, discourage the founder members. Renewed efforts were made to raise more funds and on May, 10th 1987, the foundation was laid.


The construction took two years and on September, 18th 1989, Premier Academy opened its doors to the first intake of 35 students. These students were spread across years 1 to 9 – all accommodated in the one-storied complex that now forms a section of the secondary block. From its inception the Academy started offering the British National Curriculum. The second floor was to be added later.


The Academy recorded tremendous growth in a short time.  In 1992 the ‘A’ level stream was started simultaneously with the construction of an ultra modern block to accommodate the Primary section. In 1997, the Primary section moved to the new block.


The Board of Trustees and Governors soon realised that the Primary School needed a feeder school. For this cause the construction of the Kindergarten commenced in 2000 and in 2001 the Kindergarten admitted its first intake of students. Today the Academy runs from KG to ‘A’ Level.  It has a population of over 1000 students and over 100 teachers.


The tireless efforts of the Boards of Trustees, and Governors, the continued support and trust of the parents in the Academy and the hard work of the teachers and students have borne fruits. The Academy has become a giant in academics and co-curricular activities in Africa and the world, an inspiration that drives it to greater heights.



Quality Policy


Premier Academy is committed, within the resources at its disposal, to:

  • – Ensuring that students and staff are accepted, valued, respected and successful.
  • – Ensuring the safety and security of all its students and staff within the school environment.
  • – Taking advantage of modern technology to maintain and enhance high levels of study and teaching.
  • – Providing a caring environment for students and staff.

We also aim to continuously improve the programmes we deliver by:

  • – Having policies and procedures to deliver effective programmes of learning.
  • – Enhancing success rates to exceed set targets and striving for excellence.
  • – Analyzing our strengths and weaknesses and producing a development plan to build on our strengths and improve our weaknesses.
  • – Analyzing trends and patterns in our complaints procedure and taking action to improve our academic and management programmes
  • – Ensuring continuous professional development of our staff through regular appraisals
  • – Providing a conducive environment thus widening opportunity for participation by all stakeholders
  • – Benchmarking with like providers
  • – Implementing and continuously improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System


Premier Academy is now ISO 9001:2008 Certified


Here you can review some statistics about our Education Center

Foreign followers
Classes complete
Students enrolled
Certified teachers
Shana Patel – Biochemistry
University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Ryan Mwangi – Civil Engineering
University of Minnesota, USA
Martin Korir – Computer Science
University of Utah, USA
Harsh Patel – Biomedical Engineering
Case Western Reserve University, USA
Yishika Wadhwa – Business and Finance
Univerity of Edinburgh, UK
Tharushi Ranasinghe – International Business
Loughborough University, UK
Sukhraj Sokhi – Mathematics and Economics
Loughborough University, UK
Sonali Wanzah – Physiotherapy
University of Hertfordshire, UK
Sneha Kotecha – Economics and Finance
University of Exeter, UK
Shikha Sangrajhka – Mechanical Engineering with Management
University of Manchester, UK
Rumaisa Khan – Liberal Arts
Warwick University, UK
Rohan Chakrabarti – Economics and Finance
University of Bristol, UK
Mahek Chopra – PPE
University of Warwick, UK
Dev Savani – Actuarial Science
London School of Economics, UK
Cindy Mutunga – Psychology
University of Essex, UK
Audrey Ochieng – Interior Design
University of the West of England Bristol, UK
Anika Gujral – Biomedical Engineering
City University, London, UK
Aneesa Gulamhusein – Law (LLB)
Durham University, UK
Tapiwa Nyampupachitu – Economics
University of Cape Town, South Africa
Zuviya Arshad – Dentistry
College of Dentistry, Pakistan